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San Francisco International Airport

  • San Francisco International Airport is the primary international airport serving San Francisco
  • Click here for a list of airlines and terminals for San Francisco International Airport

Oakland International Airport

  • Oakland International Airport is the secondary international airport serving San Francisco
  • Click here for a list of airlines and terminals for Oakland International Airport

Getting around

By Taxi

As is customary in most U.S. Cities, visitors may hail a taxi directly or use a smart phone app.

Cost: $3.50 USD for the first .32 kilometres (1/5 mile), an additional charge of $0.55 USD for every succeeding .32 kilometers (1/5 miles). Airport Exit Surcharge of $4.00 USD.

Flying into San Francisco International Airport

Fly into San Francisco International Airport (also known as SFO). After you’ve picked up your luggage, look for signs for the free tram service, AirTrain. The AirTrain Red line takes passengers to all the terminals, garages and BART, while the blue line does all that plus the rental car center. Take either line to the Garage G and BART stop and hop on the BART train going towards Pittsburg/Baypoint. On a BART map, it’s signified as the yellow line.

BART costs are associated with how far stations are; the further away, the higher the fare price. At each machine in the station, there are price charts displaying costs to and from stations. Buy your ticket, pass through the gates by slipping your ticket through, and get to the boarding areas. Don’t worry If you run out of funds when you exit; you can always add more inside the station.

You can use this BART tool to navigate which stations are closest to your destinations. Keep in mind that all BART services close at Midnight and resume at 4:00 am on weekdays, 6:00 am on Saturdays, and 8:00 pm on Sundays.

By MUNI Buses

MUNI/San Francisco Municipal operates buses, trains, cable cars & the F-line heritage streetcar. The MUNI buses remain above ground while MUNI metro runs on rails and sometimes go underground. Bus stops come in many forms; small bus shelters, yellow paint on street poles, and white paint on streets. Metro stops can be found on an island in the middle of the street and stations. Using the Metro Map, find the nearest metro to your locations.

By Cable Car

Cable Cars and street cars are San Francisco’s historical cars and run along cables that are affixed to the street. Cable Cars are located downtown and run on three lines; Powell-Hyde, Powell-Mason, and California St. The F-Line Street Car runs up and down Market St. all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf. For these you may pay the conductor on board or purchase tickets at multiple locations.

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